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Dezhou ATE Composites Co.,Ltd. is the manufacturer of sectional panel water tank, FRP gratingsFRP pipe and FRP pultruded profiles etc. We are located in Dezhou City Shandong Province China.

Sectional panel water tank is made of square panel, the sectional panel water tank is assembled by square panel, the connection method is bolted, the sealing strip is between the panels. So the water tank can be transported easily, and the water tank can be assembled easily at the destination.  Products cover SMC FRP water tank, galvanized steel water tank, stainless steel water tankBDF water tank, etc.

Molded FRP Gratings is widely used in oil industry, power engineering, water & waste water treatment, ocean survey as working floor, stair tread, trench cover, etc. and is an ideal loading frame for corrosion circumstances.
We have dealt in this line for more than 20 years, skilled and experienced worker, high quality R&D department, perfect after-sale service, we try to supply the satisfied service for you.  

As the leader of water tank business, we have the largest molding equipment 3500 tons, we can supply the best water tank panel for you, whatever FRP (GRP) SMC water tank, Stainless steel water tank, enamel water tank, Galvanized steel water tank, BDF water tank, etc. Also accept customized order. 

We also produce FRP filament winding pipes FRP pultruded profiles,  including FRP pultruded rods and tubes. There are 8 production lines in the winding workshop, the standard of the winding pipe is GB-T21238, equivalent to ISO10639 and ASTM D 2996.

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